Who is...

It all started some years ago in a small town called Bergen situated on the North Sea coast of the Netherlands.
Bergen is also called: "The Artists Village" due to the many artists who lived and live here. Kunst10daagse 2016When you see and feel the beauty and energy of this area it is easy to understand why. I am grateful to be part of this community. 

One day the daughters of my African neighbours came to see me with 3 small bags full of beads.
Gemstones, ceramic, wood and coral beads to name a few. Also findings and charms, all basics for making jewelry. 

Let us start.   

In that same period one of my Dutch friends started traveling the world to look for special and exotic beads. 

Here I was given the possibility to realize an old dream "World-Jewelry" was born.
It was all handed to me and the beautiful materials and gemstones are still finding their way to my home.

Enjoy the beautiful jewelry you see on this website.
If you have any questions about my jewelry please feel free to contact me.